Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do I have to take a Career Test every year?

No, you should re-take the career test every 7 years or after any major life changing event such as losing a job.

How can I pay to take up the service?

You can pay via cash at our office, through check or pay-order. As soon as the amount is cleared, you can then, book a session for yourself.

How do I book a session?

To Book any session at CareersGiant® is as easy as 1-2-3.

I do not live in Karachi, Pakistan. Can I still get Career Guidance?

Yes, you can get Career Guidance via Telephone or e-guidance (video chat), anywhere in the world.


Is Career Guidance confidential? Will you be contacting my parents/friends/educational institution?

The provision of career guidance for any individual with a career dilemma is an entirely confidential service. If the action plan suggests it might be helpful to get advice from a third party then the individual client concerned must explicitly agree.

Step ONE…Choose a Service

Start by browsing our services

  • Individual Services
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  • Professional Services

and decide which service you would like.

Step THREE…Make the payment:

By Cash: At our office address mentioned in the contact us section.
By Check: In the name of the CareersGiant.
By Pay Order: In the name of the CareersGiant.
By Western Union: In the name of the Amin Saleem.

Step TWO…Book the Time-slot:

By Phone: +92-21-34226734, 34535537
By Mobile: +92-345-8227337
By Email:

When can I take the Follow-Up Career Guidance session?

It’s entirely up to the indiviudal when they would like to avail the follow-up career guidance session. This is negotiated between the adviser and the client. The latest you can utilise this session is no more than 12 months after you have taken your one-to-one career guidance session.

Will my parents be involved during the one-to-one guidance session?

Because career guidance is confidential between the Adviser and the client, parents are not allowed to sit during the one-to-one guidance session. This will benefit their own child giving them autonomy to discuss things freely. Parents can however view the Action Plan created at the end of each one-to-one guidance session and if they wish, they can book a Parental Guidance session to discuss that action plan in detail.