Success Story – Australia Immigration

Success Story: Qaseem Khan, Engineering Technologist, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Video Recording Date: 1st Apr 2017, Visa Grant Date = Nov 14, 2016]

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Success Story: Maera Mirza, Sales & Marketing, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Video Recording Date: 28th Mar 2017, Visa Grant Date = Mar 14, 2017]

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Success Story: Wajahat Hussain, Sales & Marketing Manager, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Video Recording Date: 25th Feb 2017, Visa Grant Date = Feb 17, 2017]




Success Story: Faryal Azhar, Manager, from Islamabad, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Video Recording Date: 13th Feb 2017, Visa Grant Date = Jan 03, 2017]




Success Story: Zahir Quettawala, ICT Security Specialist, Telenor, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Video Recording Date: 14th Nov 2016, Visa Grant Date = May 21, 2014]




Success Story: Hasnain Bashir, Management Consultant, from Faisalabad, Punjab, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Video Recording Date: 26th Oct 2016, Visa Grant Date = Sep 01, 2016]




Success Story: Sumera Noureen, Software Engineer, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, from Islamabad, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [June 10, 2016]

First of all Amin sahib is such a nice and trustworthy person, he makes a nice first impression. Secondly, CareersGiant personnel keep client informed about all possibilities and outcomes. Thirdly, their services are always available and very responsive. Most important point is that they take responsibility of the whole case end-to-end and do work very carefully and with highest level of responsibility.

I started my case from CareersGiant when they did not have their office in Islamabad. And when they opened up their office in Islamabad, I visited their office only once. They provide such a seamless and TOP OF THE LINE customer service, that I did not feel a need to visit their office although their office was only a short distance from my own office.

I would highly recommend their services because of the way they work on the case. The success rates of their clients becomes automatically high.



Success Story: Obaid ur Rehman, Electrical Engineer, K-Electric, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant  [May 31, 2016]

 Obaid - Australia Immigration-Visa Grant



Success Story: Ali Shahzad, Computer Network and Systems Engineer, from PeshawarPermanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Apr 21, 2016]

It has been a fantastic time having my case handled by CareersGiant and I will rate their service as 10/10. I being a Computer Science graduate from FAST-NUCES and Masters from Australia final pic-Ali Shahzad-reduced size(University of Tasmania), my level of expectation from CareersGiant was not ordinary. But, CareersGiant, being led by Amin Saleem (a UK graduate) having done his Computer Science from FAST-NUCES and PostGraduate in Career Guidance from London, UK , truly understands the level of Customer Service that a professional wants. Moreover, CareersGiant’s knowledge of Australian Skilled Immigration is beyond ordinary and that was also the reason why I chose them.

Although, I live far away in Peshawer, the seamless service given by CareersGiant on SKYPE via video conferencing was exceptional. As for money and consultancy fees, you can TRUST them completely. If they commit, then, CareersGiant surely delivers it. Lastly, the supersonic speed on which I was taken on this journey got completed in only 4 months. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND CareersGiant’s services to all professionals across the world.



Success Story: M. Khalid Naveed, Sales Representative (Industrial Products), Sapphire Finishing Mills, from LahorePermanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Apr 19, 2016]

Although I live in Lahore, but I chose CareersGiant to do my case who are located at a distance of 1,225 km in Karachi. The reasons are simple. They are one of the most GENUINE consultants, they give Quick Service and have positive attitude towards customer. I would especially like to thank Mr. Amin Saleem for the great and quick services (on phone, whatsapp, skype and email). I didn’t feel a gap in our communications and coordination. The team is supportive and positive towards customer care and satisfaction. I will highly recommend their services to all people across the globe. All the best to CareersGiant!



Success Story: Ramiz Haider, Biomedical Engineer, Zelon Scientific, from KarachiPermanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Mar 30, 2016]

The overall services given by CareersGiant throughout the year have been Excellent. I fully Ramiz Haider - Visa Grantachieved the outcome for which I came to take the service. The thing I liked the MOST was “Straight forward opinions” and “Good professional knowledge of your work”. I highly recommend your services to all Engineers and especially to all professionals.




Success Story: Nadia Rahim, University Tutor, Iqra University, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Feb 22, 2016]

Being a highly qualified individual having done MBA (from CBM) and and dual Masters from University of London, UK, I initially started applying for Australia immigration myself and got a Negative Skills Assessment. From there, I decided to hire a consultant. Out of a range of consultants available in Karachi, I decided to choose CareersGiant. The best thing about getting our process done through Careers Giant was the constant support we received from them. There were many times when we talked to them back and forth for clarity and every time we were dealt in courteous and professional manner. Our paper work was done through a mutual process which emphasized our convenience and comfort. 

I wasn’t really happy with the anxiety that the process entailed. However the Visa process in itself is time taking and multi staged. With something this important with so many elements people tend to get anxious in general which doesn’t really have anything to do with the support services. Instead, I feel that the patience with which CareersGiant dealt with our constant questions was commendable and really helpful with anxiousness we felt. 

Lastly, I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND the services of CareersGiant for their professionalism as well as courteousness.



Success Story: Syed Faraz Alam, Manager New Connection, K-Electric, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Feb 10, 2015]

I came to CareersGiant to take support, for the payment of my Immigration case as it was difficult to arrange credit card for such a large amount (A$ 7116). Amin Saleem (Managing Director & CEO) was kind enough to double check my points claim for Expression of Interest (EOI)  and I was surprised to learn that I had claimed the wrong points. If I would have made the payment for immigration, I would have ended up loosing A$ 7116. I instantly decided, straight away to t
ake up the services of CareersGiant and here I am, currently in Australia.

The overall service was excellent and I fully achieved the outcome for which I paid the consultancy fees. I really liked the one-on-one discussions. It helped in making  things crystal clear. I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND the services of CareersGiant because of their HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE.



Success Story: Muhammad Hasan Kamal, Actuary, Habib Bank Ltd, from Karachi, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Nov 05, 2015]

My experience with CareersGiant was great and I found them very professional in Visa servicing. The way you guys handled my case is really appreciable. And I’m very much thankful to Mr. Amin and Mr. Shahzaib for their best support throughout.

From a client’s perspective it’s very confusing to apply for a visa most of the time. There can be some hurdles and there were some in my case as well, that’s why i opted CareersGiant to handle my case with their expertise. And the way you guys took my case was very professional. Whenever I had any query regarding my case, you guys were always there to help me out in every possible way. Specially, I always felt very light when Amin Sahib used to say “arey yaar tension kiyun lete ho..hojaega yaar” in his own specific style :)

I would definitely like to refer everyone to CareersGiant because of their professional skills in visa processing. At last i would like to thank again to Mr Amin and Mr. Shahzaib and i wish you guys all the best for your future endeavours.



Success Story: Zain Kazmi, Financial Investment Adviser, Silk Bank Ltd, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Aug 10, 2015]

CareersGiant is a group of very professional consultants, led by Mr. Amin Saleem. They are very ??????????straightforward people and never keep you in dark. Best thing about CareersGiant is that they provide spontaneous service with strong follow up with you and the immigration office. CareersGiant is a complete set of consultancy right from pre-application to post-application as they analyze your CV and upon successful analysis they show green signal to start the process. Why I say CareersGiant, is because they provide a complete solution of consultancy: they give FREE IELTS classes, Analyze CV, Re modify the CV according to international standard , provide solution for data gathering like attestation, help in getting police certificate etc. Last but not the least, they are the best and reliable consultant you can ever come across.



 Success Story: Khurram Pasha, Engineering Technologist, YKK Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Jul 29, 2015]

What an achievement! I’m well impressed by the excellent consultancy services given by CareersGiant and his CEO Amin Saleem. Their communication is superb and motivational support is fantastic apart from the technical skills, transparency and management. I would  HIGHLY recommend their immigration services to all professionals including Engineering professionals for their Honest, transparent, expert and supportive attitude.



Success Story: Aamnah Umar, Program or Project Administrator, Chemonics International Inc., from Lahore, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Jul 02, 2015]

What a fantastic consultation service! The consultant Amin Saleem (Managing Director & CEO) always gave honest and sincere opinion, never suggested any loopholes/shortcuts, had thorough understanding of immigration procedures and being able to communicate effectively even though we were in different cities (Karachi VS Lahore). I would highly recommend the services of CareersGiant due to their HONESTY.



 Success Story: Amir Islam, Computer Network & Systems Engineer, NetSat (Pvt) Ltd, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Mar 26, 2015]

After visiting all the top consultants in Karachi and after speaking to Amin Saleem, I decided that I have to choose CareersGiant. I really want to appreciate CareersGiant management

Australia Immigration Success – Amir Islam

Australia Immigration Success – Amir Islam

and their hard working staff who are really doing their best and providing their 100% commitment to satisfy their clients. I always felt good whenever i visited your office. Your staff is always following up to ensure no one feels forgotten or lost in the process. Consistently answering the phone with a smile and a friendly hello, demonstrate total commitment to outstanding customer service, share information and resources readily. I will highly recommend their services to all professionals who wish to find the best consultant in town. And I am highly recommending them due to my Personal Experience and complete Satisfaction!



Success Story: Shakaib Alam Nawab, Hotel or Motel Manager, Regency Airport Hotel, Dublin, Ireland, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Mar 10, 2015]

Australia Immigration Success - Shakaib Nawab

Australia Immigration Success – Shakaib Nawab

The commitment, quality of work and personalised effort of CareersGiant’s team has been exceptional. I have been associated with CareersGiant for more than a year and during that time Mr. Amin Saleem and his hard-working team has demonstrated the professional approach to address my needs. Their service and communication standards are excellent. I will not hesitate for a second in recommending CareersGiant to others who are looking for complete peace of mind while taking important steps in their life.



Success Story: Syed Fahad Hasan, Mechanical Engineer, Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Mar 6, 2015]


Fahad Hasan - Australia Immigration Success

Fahad Hasan – Australia Immigration Success

My immigration tenure with CareersGiant has been Excellent. I received timely and efficient responses with complete satisfaction and deadlines were timely met by the company and especially Amin Saleem (CEO, CareersGiant). I would highly recommend the services of CareersGiant to all my friends and professionals for their immigration needs. In a nutshell, I would simply say “Professional services at its best.”



Success Story: Saima Lal Khan, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other saima-photoLanguages, Taif University, Saudi ArabiaPermanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Feb 16, 2015]

What can I say…. Excellent Services…Fast track outcome…. Easy access to the consultant named Amin Saleem (even from Saudi Arabia – without meeting him FACE TO FACE even for a single time!!).. All communications from start till end were using on SKYPE via video conferencing and emails … I will highly recommend the services of CareersGiant to anyone in Pakistan or abroad as distance does not matter in their case.



Success Story: Amer Iftekhar Uz Zaman, Information Security Analyst, Habib Bank Limited, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Nov 7, 2014]

Amer Iftikhar - Australia Immigration Success

Amer Iftikhar – Australia Immigration Success

I’m well pleased with the Excellent services provided by CareersGiant. The consulting services are highly personable to the client’s individual needs and circumstances. Amin Sb and his team was very professional in their dealing with me, Ahamdullilah. I specially like how reachable they are at all times to address my queries and concerns. Amin Sb knows every nitty-gritty of the entire process. I have personally recommended their services to my family and friends. In the time when every professional in Pakistan is looking for a brighter future abroad , CareerGiant has become a house hold name in my family here in Pakistan and aboard. I thank him and his team for guiding me in getting my visa grant. May Allah bless him.

From the starting of the immigration process till the end , i never had any complaints or regrets. Alhamdulliah , I made the right choice in choosing Career giants as my consultants.



Success Story: Najia Bokhari, Sr. Software Engineer, Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), from Islamabad, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [Oct 1, 2013]

My overall experience with CareersGiant has been Excellent. The best thing I liked about the entire session was that Amin was relevant and focussed at all times. What makes CareersGiant and specifically, Amin, different from other advisors/consultants is that he takes his clients as partners and not as one off customers. He works for building relationships. He believes in end to end solution and strives hard to deliver.

I will strongly recommend all professionals to take his services.



Success Story: Roofi Budhwani, Human Resource Manager, Ray Pharma (Pvt). Ltd, from Karachi, Permanent Resident of Australia, through CareersGiant [May 3, 2013]

What can I say…. Although I do not believe in consultants because of their notorious reputation and the usual news in media that consultants run away with money, this consultant, Amin Saleem from CareersGiant has been amazing! He is a VERY QUALIFIED individual with Masters from London, UK and knows his work inside-out. I approached him with my intentions of obtaining permanent residency in Australia and he guided me so well and handled my case so professionally that I obtained it in 10 months from start to finish.

I have would rate his entire session as EXCELLENT. In fact, I would have used a more superlative word than EXCELLENT, if there would have been one.

The service was prompt, expeditious and fast. It resolved my problem right away and gave me a solution promptly.

I would HIGHLY recommend this GENUINE consultant whether you are in Karachi or anywhere in the world.