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Periodically, we invite the highest scoring registrants in each category to apply to the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). We then nominate successful applicants to apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residency.

This page shows the number of invitations issued.

Which categories require invitations?

We invite registrants in the following categories:

  • Skills Immigration — Skilled Worker
  • Skills Immigration — International Graduate
  • Skills Immigration — Entry Level and Semi-Skilled
  • Express Entry BC — Skilled Worker
  • Express Entry BC — International Graduate
  • Entrepreneur Immigration

HealthCare Professional and International Post-Graduate applicants under the Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC streams do not need an invitation to apply. Please apply directly via BCPNP Online.

How many nominations are available?

The number of nominations depends on various program and economic factors, including B.C.’s annual allocation, the B.C. 2025 Labour Market Outlook, historic BC PNP nomination trends and existing application inventory levels. For 2018, the allocation is 6,250.

Invitations to apply

Information about invitations to apply is posted shortly after the date of issuance. Please check back frequently for most recent information. To find out whether you received an invitation to apply, please log into your BCPNP Online profile.

The number and frequency of invitations to apply is based on annual nomination allocations from the Canadian federal government (IRCC), and our ability to process applications in a timely way.

Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC

Number of

March 21, 2018

SI – Skilled Worker100
SI – International Graduate100
SI – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled60
EEBC – Skilled Worker105
EEBC – International Graduate105
Total number of invitations issued:146

February 28, 2018
(includes March 7, 2018
and March 14, 2018
tech-only draws)

SI – Skilled Worker77
SI – International Graduate82
SI – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled40
EEBC – Skilled Worker82
EEBC – International Graduate82
Total number of invitations issued:365


Guaranteed invitations

If you achieve or exceed these registration scores, you are guaranteed to receive an invitation to apply in the next draw for your category. Invitations to apply may be issued for scores lower than these minimums. Please refer to the archived BC PNP draws to view historical ITA information. Guaranteed invitation scores are subject to change.

CategoryGuaranteed Registration Score
Skills Immigration – Skilled Worker135
Skills Immigration – International Graduate105
Skills Immigration – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled
(includes Northeast)
Express Entry BC – Skilled Worker135
Express Entry BC – International Graduate105