Testimonials – Career Counselling

Hamza Amin Shaikh, The University of Manchester, UK [Career Counselling] [July 09, 2014]

It was an Excellent session and I fully achieved the outcome for which I came to take this session. The thing which I liked most about the session was the helped provided by Mr. Amin. He helped me look positively towards a better future, and has made me more focused on goals to achieve, rather than wonder around. In my point of view a friendly environment in such a set up is a must and was really glad to see it existing.

I will strongly recommend other people to avail this service. The reason: People need to realize that a counseling session is first not for the weak but a must in my point of view for a better and brighter future, as it widens your scope and perspective on various topics provided by professionals in the relevant field of counselling.

Lastly, I would like CareersGiant to follow through the existing cases with the same enthusiasm, which will just in return help your institution’s image in a positive manner.


Ahson Imran Rana, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore, Pakistan [Career Counselling] [March 20, 2011]

Discussing PostGraduate career options with Amin after my Bachelors from LUMS was excellent. The session (which was actually a video conferencing session) was very focussed and at the same time it was an open discussion which lead to thorough exploration of options. The careers test was also helpful in finding out the correct path. I would highly recomment this extra ordinary service to anyone seeking the right career options for themselves, which will actually save money in the longer run (in case someone chooses a wrong career). Finally, keep up the good work!


Sarosh Hussain, Karachi Grammer School (KGS), Karachi, Pakistan [Career Counselling-Uni] [December 21, 2010]

In this one if it’s kind career guidance session, I learnt my strengths and weaknesses together with future jobs opened to me based on that. The thing I liked most, was the advice and the final summary. Overall, the session was excellent and the adviser was clear and articulate in his session.


Rahima Tanseer Syed, DHA College, Phase VIII, Karachi, Pakistan [Career Counselling-Uni] [December 24, 2010]

This was an excellent career guidance session. I learnt about my capabilities and personality. The Careers test was amazing and gave me insight into the fields that I am suitable for. During the entire session, I was comfortable, improved my awareness about different careers and learnt new things.


Wajiha Ali, Al Shorouq International School, Taif, Saudi Arabia [Career Counselling-‘O’ Levels] [August 16, 2010]

The career guidance session by CareersGiant via video chat was fantastic! At no point in time, did I feel that I was having a conversation at a distant, because I could clearly see my adviser via the video chat and the voice quality was amazing. The career guidance session was extremely helpful and resolved my confusion of choosing the ‘O’-Level subject options that would be best for me based on my interest, skils, values and personality.


Syed Fawad Abbas, Hamdard Public School, Karachi, Pakistan [Career Counselling-Intermediate] [July 26, 2010]

I was quite confused between 2 fields (Commerce and Pre-Engineering). At night, I use to think that Commerce would be best for me, whereas in the morning my decision was changed to choosing Pre-Engineering. The One-to-One Career Guidance session at CareersGiant made it crystal clear as to which field will be best for me. The session also helped me in choosing the College where I had to study that course. The best part was that the session was very friendly and made me feel at ease in the entire process. I will strongly recommend career guidance to anyone who would like to explore their career options.