Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I book an appointment for a consultation session?

Please call our office number to book an appt.

Call timings to book appts are between 10.30am  – 7.30pm (Pakistan time).  

If you are outside Karachi, Pakistan, the mobile number is on Whatsapp and IMO as well.

Click on the Contact Us button to access our numbers.

How Critical is points calculation for Skilled Migration?

Skilled Migration is points-test based immigration and points-test is the foundation of the skilled immigration program.

The higher the points a person has, the more likely his/her chances of getting the immigration. If you calculate your own points, prepare your own case and submit it to the immigration authorities yourself, you MUST be able to justify your claimed points. And points can only be justified, once you have paid the entire immigration fees of AUD 3670 (for primary application), AUD 1835 (for spouse) and AUD 920 (for each child). [Fees correct as of 29th June 2018]

Failure to justify your points will result in a loss of thousands of dollars of visa fees as mentioned above.

As an example: We would like to share details of our client named Fahad (NED University, Mechanical Engineer) whose visa got rejected initially (before contacting us), because he calculated his own points (65), prepared his own case and submitted it for immigration. Unfortunately, he could not justify his points and his visa got rejected, resulting in a loss of thousands of dollars.

Later, he contacted us and we calculated his correct points, prepared his case, lodged his application and got his immigration. So, he had to pay our consultancy fees plus visa fees for the 2nd time.

Is there a difference between Immigration Points calculated by a client VS a consultant?

The  Points Test Calculator on our website is a useful way to calculate your likely score in the Skilled Migration Points test.

There will always be a chance that the points calculated by you will be different to the points calculated by us because we are experienced immigration consultants. The reason for the difference between your points calculation and our points calculation is simple: We know the exact intricacies/complexities as to where points can be gained or reduced.

However, it’s good for you to calculate your own points to have a ROUGH IDEA of your likely chance of immigration.

What questions shall I ask from a Consultant?

Typical Questions that you MUST ask any consultant, are mentioned below which can have a HUGE impact on your points score:

  1. What is the time when your age gets locked. Because, unless your age gets locked, you have a chance of getting reduced points score because your age changes each passing day.

  2. What is your equivalent qualification, according to Australian authorities and Australian qualification framework? This is based on:

    • Country of Education.

    • The number of years of education (2 years, 3 years, 4 years etc)

    • Type of degree program (Bachelors, Diploma etc)

    • Quality level of your educational institution. For example: the points score of bachelors from Preston University or DHA Suffa University will not be the same as Bachelors from LUMS or IBA. This has been determined by Australian authorities itself. And getting access to this information is paid (~50 Australian dollars) because Australia has made this profile for all countries across the world through their own Research. If you wish to buy this information, it can be purchased for ~50 dollars from Australian authorities. If you wish to know about it, we are happy to give you this information else you can always google to find out. But, rest assured Google cannot give you everything FREE unless you know what to search for 😊

  3. Will all your experience get counted? Please note, different assessing authorities have different criteria to calculate the number of years of experience. Make sure, you do not calculate incorrect experience, which could result in the loss of thousands of dollars in immigration fees of the government. Read our FAQ on “How Critical is points calculation for Skilled Migration?”.