Review and Appeal [AAT / MRD]


It is mostly noticed that Australian immigration laws are a pack of complicated laws due to cancellation and refusal cases. This brings intricate issues for the applicant, as his existing visa may be cancelled at any time or he/she may not be granted a visa out rightly. This results in banning from Australian territories, thereby critical for one’s career.

When a visa is refused or cancelled, it is a shock for many, followed by stressful times. But, the good news is that majority of the decisions can be challenged to review. The appeals and reviews are also applicable to decisions made overseas, but within strict time limits.

All the decisions related to the Immigration Department can be reviewed by the Migration and Refugee Review Tribunals (MRT), or the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The Tribunals can consider all the circumstantial implications, facts and the laws to reconsider the decision. The appeals and reviews are generally second attempts for a visa in question.

The complex issues where your visas could get cancelled include:

  • If false or incorrect information or documents are provided on your part
  • If the applicant fails to follow certain visa conditions
  • If the applicant’s character has been placed under doubt due to certain circumstances
  • Unable to provide proper financial documents
  • Issues with the application of sponsor or false documents of sponsor provided
  • Disability to relate one’s course or employment to the undertaken course or employment field

If the above situations are knocking your visa doors, you should immediately consult MigrationGiants team of experts, who are, legal experts and specialists in the field of dealing with visa cancellation and refusals. They consider your case with every minute detail and are then ready to lodge it according to the requirements of current visa obligations. The case is then applied for review and appeal according to the limits of the laws. We make sure that our clients do not suffer from permanent exclusion from Australia and appeals are made for reviewing with the review tribunal.